Any Shape, Any Size


Going modular will increase your capacity to handle items of any shape and size on the production line.

Strange and unusual shapes, large or cumbersome items can be handled efficiently and safely in production, service and distribution environments using adaptable carts and trolleys created with the GRAPHIT modular system.

Carts and trolleys can be assembled in almost any configuration and matched to a specific application using a wide range of standard interchangeable components.

Applications can be modified very quickly whenever handling requirements change using basic tools and with little or no additional capital investment. This makes them the ideal solution for handling items where adaptability, flexibility and efficiency are required to support best practice and performance improvement.

“We design and supply GRAPHIT carts and trolleys to handle all shapes and size of load in production, service and distribution,” says Nick Tyler, CEO Trilogiq Group. “They can be adapted in minutes so there is no longer any excuse for a user not having the best possible handling solution at their disposal. It’s so simple that the user can do the modification themselves.”

GRAPHIT’S  and Leantek’s wide range of components, brackets, wheels and accessories can be assembled into lightweight and manoeuvrable carts and trolleys that offer greater flexibility and cost effectiveness than comparable devices made from welded steel and similar materials.

All components are completely interchangeable and reusable which means carts and trolleys can be modified, adapted or rebuilt whenever handling requirements change. This helps ensure users can maintain handling efficiency while protecting their initial investment over an extended working life.

Trilogiq provides lean manufacturing solutions that help deliver first-in-first-out stock management throughout the manufacturing process. Solutions can easily be modified or reconfigured quickly to meet ever changing demand.



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