Mantiqueira Group Brazil is setting new standards in Egg Farming


Granja Mantiqueira, is setting new standards in Egg Factory-farming in South America by optimising workspace and providing employees with better working conditions. Altogether a safer, ergonomic and efficient environment.


“We searched the market for a company that could provide quality solutions, good service and an attractive cost. Trilogiq has outdone our expectations in our first contact, delivering robust applications that are safe, ergonomic and easy to handle.”

Gustavo Adolfo medeiros Regiani (Senior Production Coordinator)
Granja Mantiqueira


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Granja Mantiqueira (Mantiqueira Farm) is in the factory-farming sector in South America. The business was started in the late 80’s, in the city of Itanhandu (MG), by businessman Leandro Pinto, with just 30 thousand chickens.


Mantiqueira has set a high standard in the Brazilian poultry industry, bringing innovation to Brazil that already existed in Europe. Currently, the farm has one thousand nine hundred employees and all its processes are automated. From the moment the egg is laid by the chicken, until it arrives in the gondola at the market, the product is not touched by human hands.
In the year 2000, Carlos Cunha, former owner of a supermarket chain with a strong retail tradition, became a member of Mantiqueira, influencing the growth of the company as well as opening up new markets.


Granja Mantiqueira is investing in continuous improvement and wanted to modernise some of their outdated equipment, which was iron profile.

They wanted to focus on providing their employees with better working conditions, and provide an ergonomic, efficient and safe environment – handling and safety being a key factor.

Good value, great service and reputation are of utmost importance to Granja and, after searching the market place, they chose Trilogiq Brazil, who are now providing solutions to transport the eggs in pulp egg trays, packaging materials and the chemical products that are used to clean the facilities inside the farm.


Gustavo Adolfo medeiros Regiani (Senior Production Coordinator) at Granja Mantiqueira explained:


“In the last few years Mantiqueira has been investing more and more in technologies and solutions that provide continuous improvement in our processes, optimising layouts and providing greater health and safety for our employees.

“With an ongoing Lean project in our Mato Grosso unit, we will keep on looking for practical solutions to improve our lead time and to reduce waste, and we have no doubt Trilogiq will be a great partner in this new phase for the Mantiqueira Group.”

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